Our Collection

  • India Photographs and Prints

    India Photography and Prints

    We have acquired a number of original antique glass slides with outstanding images of Benares at the turn of the last century. A collection of archival laser and silver gelatin contact prints have been produced from these and are being offered here for sale. Also offered are early black and white photogravures of the temples and their sculptural interiors by Martin Hurlimann, plus a collection of older devotional god and goddess prints.

  • Afghanistan and Gandharan Art

    Afghanistan and Gandharan Art

    The Gandharan Kingdom of the 3rd and 4th centuries produced a classical style of stone sculpture, influenced by Greek traditions, founded in Buddhism, primarily noble Bodhisattvas and Buddhas.

Asia Fine Books began an exclusively online business in the fall of 2000, with a concentration on rare, reference and selected general interest books on the art and architecture of Asia including China, India, Japan, Nepal, Tibet and Southeast Asia, with a special interest in the arts of Cambodia. We are a member of the IOBA, Independent Online Booksellers Association. The majority of the books in inventory are rare and now out of print. Quality newer titles are included in inventory as they are released, grouped under the subject area and not gathered separately.

Asia Fine Books also carries a collection of antique postcards and laser and silver gelatin prints of scenes in Cambodia and India from the beginning of the last century.

Always accepting single volumes and collections in the field of Asian art and history. I will take your books on consignment and try to get the very best price for you based on value.